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Greece, Crete History


Battle for CreteBattle for Crete - A history of New Zealand's part in the Battle for Crete in May 1941. Told through the voices, records and photographs of those who were there. Includes maps, a day by day account, an essay on historiographical controversies, various statistical indicies and photographs from the 60th anniversary commemorations. Battle of Crete 1941Battle of Crete 1941 - A historical account of the German invasion of Crete in May 1941, including images, brief biographies of the key figures in the battle and links to outside sources.
The  Cities of Ancient CreteThe Cities of Ancient Crete - A list of 147 cities of ancient Crete, with short descriptions for each one, based on mythology and history. The site contains both English and Greek language descriptions. Coins of 1896-1906 CreteCoins of 1896-1906 Crete - Images and brief descriptions of coins in Crete from 1896-1906.
Grace Notes: CreteGrace Notes: Crete - An outlined history of Ancient Crete with historical comments on the character of the people, including excerpts from the works of Polybius. The History of PlumbingThe History of Plumbing - A brief history of the Minoan culture and their contributions to the field of plumbing and sewage.
The Kouklakis-Angavanakis FamilyThe Kouklakis-Angavanakis Family - A family genealogy with original photographs and a historical background. The Minoan CultureThe Minoan Culture - An introduction to the most ancient history of Greece, which begins with the Asian culture on the island of Crete, the Minoans.
The 11th Day - The Battle Of CreteThe 11th Day - The Battle Of Crete - - A documentary film highlighting the WWII invasion of Crete by the Germans. The website currently includes the film trailer as well as a photo gallery. Wall Paintings on CreteWall Paintings on Crete - Ben van Dongen presents a selection of frescos from Byzantine churches, including a review of the main themes and photographs.
Wikipedia: History of CreteWikipedia: History of Crete - An outline of the lengthy history of this island from ancient to modern.


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