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Greece, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual History Ancient Greece


- and Ganymede Myth: A Conflict in Greek Religion   - Thorough presentation of the Zeus and Ganymede myth, its roots and its complex meanings.

Greek CouplesGreek Couples - Pairs of homosexual lovers from ancient Greek history.
Greek Pseudo-homosexualityGreek Pseudo-homosexuality - Synopsis of paper by Georges Devereux. Homosexual Eros in Early GreeceHomosexual Eros in Early Greece - Graduate paper by Paul Halsall on the topic of male love in ancient Greece.
The Homosexual Pastoral TraditionThe Homosexual Pastoral Tradition - Exploration of idealized friendship as coded reference to homosexual desire, with examples from Greek mythology. Lovers' Legends, The Gay Greek Myths, by Andrew CalimachLovers' Legends, The Gay Greek Myths, by Andrew Calimach - Book on homosexual Greek mythology, illustrated with vase paintings, sculptures and frescoes. Story of Tantalus, Pelops and Poseidon on line.
Lucian of Samosata's ErotesLucian of Samosata's Erotes - Debate on Greek homosexuality, between a lover of women and a lover of boys, dating to the fourth century CE.


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