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Alexander the Great on the WebAlexander the Great on the Web - Guide and web directory. Also covers related aspects of Macedonian, Persian and Hellenistic history, art and culture. - Resource with essays, timelines, and assistance for Alexander scholars.

Alexander of MacedonAlexander of Macedon - Biography and details of his conquest. Includes maps and illustrations of the campaign, coinage and photographs. Alexander The GreatAlexander The Great - The King from history to eternity. Appraisal of his influence from the Hellenistic period onwards. Includes map of his conquests.
Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great - Biography and battles of Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia. Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great - Review the life of this emperor, and view a list of related books.
Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great - Presents history and life of this Macedonian emperor, pictures and maps. Includes links and resources. Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great - the career and impact of the great Macedonian conqueror and the main themes of his reign by Richard Stoneman, 2004 by subscription.
Alexander the greatAlexander the great - Succinct summary of highlights of Alexander's life. Some pages in French with related advertising. Alexander the Great []Alexander the Great [] - Resources on Alexander's youth and life, his battles and campaigns, the ancient sources, and timelines.
Alexander the Great and his SuccessorsAlexander the Great and his Successors - A scholarly bibliography of books, monographs and collections in PDF, maintainted by Macedonian historian Waldermar Heckel. Alexander the Great and the Gordian KnotAlexander the Great and the Gordian Knot - A selection of pictures, including an original painting by the webmaster, and text about this incident.
Alexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant MedallionsAlexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant Medallions - Frank L. Holt solves the mystery of the coins from Bactria during the reign of Alexander, 2003 by subscription. Alexander the Great History ProjectAlexander the Great History Project - Site provides information about Alexander the Great, his life, his family, his conquests, and his battles, including links to various Alexander the Great sites and resources on the WWW.
Alexander the Great of MacedonAlexander the Great of Macedon - Detailed, illustrated web site on the life of Alexander, Phillip II, and his Macedonian environment. Alexander the Great ProjectAlexander the Great Project - Alexander's early life, on the Macedonian throne, the battles in Persia, India, Egypt, marriage and his death.
Alexander the Great: World ConquerorAlexander the Great: World Conqueror - Historical resource provides an entertaining overview of Alexander's adventures and personality. Alexander the Great's Feint Attack: A ReappraisalAlexander the Great's Feint Attack: A Reappraisal - Explains why Alexander used the strategy of opening the Battle of the Granicus with a feint attack.
Alexander the Great's First Great VictoryAlexander the Great's First Great Victory - Article by John R. Mixter for "Military History Magazine" on the first major military victory of Alexander the Great. Army of Alexander the GreatArmy of Alexander the Great - Succinct overview with detailed bibliography of Alexander's army within the context of ancient Greek warfare.
Beyond Renault: Alexander the Great in FictionBeyond Renault: Alexander the Great in Fiction - Extensive list of representations of Alexander in fictional print mediums and some video; includes reviews of many of the listed works by an Alexander specialist. Four Stories of Prince AlFour Stories of Prince Al - Some of the legends about the famous youth who would one day conquer the known world.
Gordian KnotGordian Knot - A metaphor for an intractable problem, solved by a bold stroke. The Great Homepage of Alexander, or Something Like ThatThe Great Homepage of Alexander, or Something Like That - A brief, selective history of Alexander's life, with illustrations.
Hephaistion - PhilalexandrosHephaistion - Philalexandros - - Interesting web-site devoted to Alexander's closest friend, Hephaistion, with relevant information about Alexander. History House: Alexander the GreatHistory House: Alexander the Great - Short irreverent biography that picks out several incidents from Alexander's life.
History of MacedoniaHistory of Macedonia - Useful overview of Macedonian history before and after Alexander the Great. In Search of Alexander's TombIn Search of Alexander's Tomb - Devoted to discussion of just where Alexander might have been buried, and what has become of his tomb - one of history's great mysteries.
Leaders and Battles: Alexander III,Leaders and Battles: Alexander III, - Concise overviews of all Alexander the Great's most famous battles; illustrations, charts, and technical explanations. Deep-linked from the larger "Leaders and Battles" site. The Mission of Alexander the GreatThe Mission of Alexander the Great - Argues that an Asokan Pillar at Delhi is an altar of Alexander and that an Indian conspiracy assassinated him.


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