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Greece, History By Time Period People


AnaxagorasAnaxagoras - An encyclopedia article on a philosopher Anthemius of TrallesAnthemius of Tralles - A brief biography of a mathematician and an architect.
Anyte and the MusesAnyte and the Muses - Contributions of a poet. Apollonius of PergaApollonius of Perga - An article on the writings of a geometer and astronomer of the Alexandrian school.
AspasiaAspasia - Her influence upon great men. Aspasia of MiletusAspasia of Miletus - Ancient female philosopher and teacher of Athens.
The Beginning of Philip of  Macedon's ReignThe Beginning of Philip of Macedon's Reign - A portion of the works of Justin, 3rd Century C.E. CorinnaCorinna - Brief biography of the female poet.
DemosthenesDemosthenes - His troubles as an orator DioclesDiocles - A brief article on a Greek mathematician and geometer.
EratosthenesEratosthenes - Life and works of a mathematician, geographer and astronomer. The Great RhetraThe Great Rhetra - Life of Lycurgus of Sparta as written by Plutarch.
KorinnaKorinna - Biographical information on the fifth century Boeotian poet. LycurgusLycurgus - Story as written by Plutarch in 75 A.C.E., and translated by John Dryden
Pappus of AlexandriaPappus of Alexandria - An article on the works of a mathematician. PosidoniusPosidonius - Biographical article on a philosopher, politician, astronomer, geographer, historian, and teacher.
PraxitelesPraxiteles - Brief biography on the artist. Solon of AthensSolon of Athens - Excerpts from writings of various ancient authors.
Women in MedicineWomen in Medicine - Article on Agnodice who disguised herself as a man to become a doctor.


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