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Greece, History


The Balkans in the Age of NationalismThe Balkans in the Age of Nationalism - Twenty-five lectures on Modern Balkan History from the Michigan State University, edited by Steven W. Sowards, historian. The Blight of AsiaThe Blight of Asia - Text of a book describing massacres of the Greek and Armenian population of Smyrna in 1922. Written by the American Consul at the time, George Horton.
The Drama of KalavrytaThe Drama of Kalavryta - A WWII tragedy. The execution of 500 inhabitants of the village of Kalavryta by the German occupation army. The Falsification of the History of MacedoniaThe Falsification of the History of Macedonia - An exposition of the Greek case on the disputes over the name Macedonia; includes archaeological findings, maps, and history.
Greek CurrencyGreek Currency - Provides collectors with a list of Greek banknotes and coins from 1828 to present. With images. Greek History In BriefGreek History In Brief - Synopsis of the history of the Greeks, from antiquity to the 20th century, with links to numerous other country data.
Greek Revolution - 1821Greek Revolution - 1821 - - Images of Greek war of independence, no quotation of sources. Greek Royal FamilyGreek Royal Family - The official website of the former Greek Royal family.
Hellenic Literary and Historical ArchiveHellenic Literary and Historical Archive - A non-profit organisation whose aims are to collect, preserve, organise and study printed and archival material of 19th and 20th century. HellinomnimonHellinomnimon - Digital library of Greek philosophical and scientific books and manuscripts (1600-1821) from the Department of History of the University of Athens.
The History of GreeceThe History of Greece - A summary of information about Greek history including people, mythology, classical cities and art. History of the Greek Community of Alexandria, EgyptHistory of the Greek Community of Alexandria, Egypt - Founded in 1843 it had more than 150000 members. This site presents their historical influence, their writings, teachings and their influence on the society of Egypt and Greece.
Memories from Smyrna, 1918 - 1922Memories from Smyrna, 1918 - 1922 - - A memorial site of the destruction of the city. Rare pictures of the Greek Airforce of the time, the architecture of the city and lyrics of traditional songs. Nikos KlitsikasNikos Klitsikas - Offers profile and works of this Greek historian.
Pontian-Greek HistoryPontian-Greek History - A synopsis by Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis, professor of History at the Aristotelian University of Salonica. Preservation of American Hellenic HistoryPreservation of American Hellenic History - An umbrella website coordinating local organizations, and encouraging individuals, for the preservation of American Hellenic history.
A Short History of GreeceA Short History of Greece - From pre-historic to the present time, summaries of Greek history including politics, war, culture, art, film and music plus photographs. The 4th Of AugustThe 4th Of August - Tribute to Ioannis Metaxas. Dedicated to the fascist general and statesman and his world view. Includes articles, pictures, and resources. - The founders of the modern Olympic Games: Panayiotis Soutsos, Evangelis Zappas and Dr William Penny Brookes.


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